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AISEE 2023

Advancement of Intelligent Systems in

Electrical and Electronics Engineering
2023 Edition

Call for Papers

Chapter 1: Intelligent Systems in Power & Energy
Scope: Renewable Energy Systems, Co-generation Techniques, Green Energy, Multi Energy Systems, Fuel Cells, Power Systems, Power Quality, Smart Grid, Power Dispatch, Protection and Switch Gear, High Voltage Engineering, and Materials for Electrical Apparatus
Chapter 2: Intelligent Systems in Power Electronics
Scope: Devices and Circuits, Integrated Circuits, Low Power Devices, Solid State Drives, Power Controllers, Power Converters, Rectifiers & Inverters, Active & Passive Power Components, SMPS & UPS, Battery Management Systems, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles.
Chapter 3: Intelligent Systems in Control Engineering
Scope: Embedded Systems, Robotics, Automation, Transportation Engineering, Offroad Vehicles, Linear and Non-Linear Control Systems, Microcontrollers & Microcomputers, Control of Electric Drives, Adaptive Controllers, and Optimal Control.
Chapter 4: Intelligent Systems in Applied Electromagnetics
Scope: Electromagnetic Waves, Wireless Power Transfer, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electromagnetic Imaging, Finite Methods, Random & Nonlinear Electromagnetics, Plasma and Plasma-Wave Interactions, Metamaterials, Time Varying Fields & Waves, Signal & Power Integrity.
Chapter 5: Intelligent Systems in Communication Technologies
Scope: Internet of Things, Satellite Communication, Antennas & Wireless Communication, Communication Networks, Radio-Frequency & Microwave Engineering, Acoustic Communication, Propagation Modelling, Quantum Communication, and Radars.
Chapter 6: Advancement in Computing Techniques
Scope: Edge Computing, Quantum Computing, Soft Computing, Green Computing, Optimization Techniques, Ensemble Techniques, Machine Learning Algorithms, Deep Learning Techniques, Reinforcement Learning, and Federated Learning
Publishing Partner: Springer Nature (Tentative)
Call for Papers: 1st May 2023
Paper Submission Deadline: 31st July 2023

Camera-ready Deadline: 15th September 2023
Publication Issue: December 2023
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