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About Us

Expanding Inspiration by Chasing the Light!

Genik Technologies was founded by Sai Ganesh, Barathwaj, Swethaa, Varun, and Azhagumurugan, with one main notion, as stated by Sai Ganesh himself, to give back to society for what one has gained from it. Sri Sai Ram Engineering College has incubated Genik Technologies and has been an integral part of its development.


Our Story

Our vision was to bring together individuals to harness the potential of next-generation technologies by developing mindful software.

We take it upon ourselves to lead the way in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—to lead communities of students, young professionals, and anyone committed to progress.

Our applications span the sea to the sky, with a focus on engineering and illuminating every corner through cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, industrial automation, and communication.

Meet The Board

"Our goal must be unity rather than uniformity. We can only achieve unity through diversity. Distinctions must be integrated rather than eliminated or absorbed. Diversity is about all of us figuring out how to navigate this world together in order to achieve true sustainability"

- Sai Ganesh CS, CEO

Meet The Leaders

Meet The Advisors

Join the Team

Join the magnificent young team of researchers, developers, managers, and executives. Grow with us and be an integral developer of NeuLab, Arrai, AISEE & Rearticle. All the openings, their description, and prerequisites are briefed on this page

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